Thursday, August 25, 2011

Of Curiosity and Boundaries

We push our boundaries, 
together reaching 
for those moments of undefined 
wonder and discovery, 
our endless curiosity propelling us 
farther and farther beyond 
what we could understand as 
the end, 
what we could understand 
as the limit, 
and our view of 
our world changes.

I meant to post this up for awhile! I went to see the Cirque Du Soleil show "Totem" on Sunday, and it was AMAZING. It explored the journey of humans -from the evolution to our hopes to fly-  in so many fascinating acts. As I was reading the program, they made many references to how we, as humans, are always changing and curious, and how we always want to go beyond what we had set as the boundaries (like wanting to fly). If you ever have the chance of seeing Totem, go see it.  

Saturday, August 20, 2011


I wish I could 
offer you more 
certain answers,
something more than
"It's complicated,"
but I'm not even sure myself 
where we are, 
if we've made the step 
out of this 
no-man's land 
that could go either way;
with one foot on each side 
I wonder 
where I'm going, 
if I'm leaving or coming 
to one or the other, 
if I'm making the right choice 
to leave this place of uncertainty. 
So please, 
let me stay by your side 
until we can decide, 
where to go next.

I offer no explanation about this one. 

Monday, August 15, 2011


Because I'm totally uninspired, I decided to post some photos I took awhile ago at our family friends' cottage. Some of these were at the actual place, and some were taken at the surrounding islands.

Untitled 2

Another day spent 
casting my lines out 
into the depth of my mind, 
fishing for inspiration 
in the jumble of ideas and 
words and 
hoping to string together 
another poem. 
So here I am now, 
sitting with nothing to say, 
nothing to write, 
patiently waiting for 
something to bite.

Sigh. I have no inspiration to write anything. I've totally neglected my blogs (I'm sorry, readers of Puppetmaster!!!) and my writing. Whatever happened to the days I could just pluck out something and write??? Sigh... I guess I had just enough imagination to churn this out, but otherwise, I have nothing. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Another year 
of life has passed by 
one more year 
of experiences and 
wisdom added 
to the memory box 
hidden within me. 
Smiling and laughing 
with loved ones 
we celebrate and 
hope for many more 
to come. 

I'm 14!!! I've survived the first year of being a teenager :D