Monday, July 30, 2012


The crimson ruby sun, 
a phoenix falling behind 
the veil of night, 
feathers wispy across the 
carnation and cornflower sky. 

Its lovely sibling 
wanes weakly upon the opposite side, 
smiling serenely and rising,
looking into the phoenix's eyes 
as it falls to the 
Earth and is swallowed 
by darkness. 

The pearl moon, 
the silver dragon, 
is now 
the ruler of the sky.

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Page

Blank and staring, 
daring me to fill the emptiness. 

The pen. 
Filling my blank world 
with the silky, night black, beautiful ink. 

The words. 
Sprouting like trees, 
growing into a great masterpiece. 

The poem. 
A magic spell 
to capture and hold its audience.

I was doing a major clean-up of my disaster of a room (think hurricane hit area, and you've got it), and I found a notebook with some old poems of mine. This poem, the first in the book, was kind of my gateway drug into the world of poetry. I had written it for a school district-wide poetry/illustrations contest called "Urban Voices" when I was in grade 6, and it got published. Back then, I didn't realize that this poem would open up the door and reveal my love of poetry, so I'm thankful that I managed to get the chance to write it as part of the contest :)