Monday, July 6, 2015

tourist thoughts - dream/landscape

smog the colour
of tourist romanticism
in yellow and pink and orange 

sunsets found
in cigarette smoke hearts where 
the stubs and ashes still glow

hot waves against
pavement and pylons

dream/landscape of 2 tonnes of
white lego block 
towers built up by many 

hands reaching up with 
cameras and iPhones to grasp 
tightly onto something fleeting

fast passing moments
carried by taxis 
and idealism

Hello! (This blog has been very quiet, along with all of my other creative things, oops.) I'm currently in New York now for a vacation with my mom, and I've had a lot of fun just letting myself be a tourist here. It's also gotten me inspired for the first time in forever. I'm going to be here until Saturday, taking photos, and maybe writing some more poetry.