Thursday, October 4, 2012

constellations of thought

the ideas 
are glimmering speckles of light
and together they make 
pictures of stories older than time 
depicted upon the black canvas of the 
it's by the stars 
that I make my way through the 
moonless night; 
I'm starstruck by the dazzling lights 
that stretch before me in 
an endless expanse, 
flickering mesmerizingly before my eyes. 
and maybe, just maybe, 
if I stand on my tippy-toes and stretch, 
perhaps I can reach them 
and pull a few down 
to sift through my hands and pick 
which one to change 
into the morning sun.

today is Britain's National Poetry Day! the theme is stars, and I thought it'd be fun to do something :)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Two Clocks, Two Hearts

in the days we live, 
time is both cruel 
and kind; 
our separate clocks are ticking 
washing the pain  
and our wonderful memories. 
our time together is past us now, 
our clocks tap to a different beat, 
but it was one of those moments 
where we were temporarily in sync 
that unveiled the shadows from 
my eyes and mind. 

is it strange that 
only now I see your hand 
extended to reach mine? 
maybe I blindfolded myself to you 
after we parted ways. 
a remnant of the string 
that bound us ages ago 
is still tied to you, 
much like how it's 
fastened around my wrist; 
a constant reminder. 
the burning red of the string 
is now finally 
fading in the sunshine 
that shines brilliantly in my eyes. 

I start thinking about 
the us that we can't go back to
no matter what. 
But there's no time for regrets 
or what-ifs, 
our clocks are ticking away. 
I close my eyes against the brightness 
and listen to the ticks of our pendulums 
drift towards each other. 

When they sync, 
I take your hand and smile. 
We can start a new beginning, 
a new friendship, 
and walk away from the shadows 

hello there! sorry for such the long dry spell over here. 
this is based on some real life happenings... my first love and I are...reconnecting you could say, which is very easy to do since we've known each other for so long. to be honest, I'm glad, because I value the friendship I had with him for a long time. this poem was inspired by the song "Answer," which I have recently found and love. watch it at this link, I love the lyrics a lot. you'll see many references in my poem to the song.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

just a little update

hi there!

I haven't been on Mindscape for a bit, sorry. school just started a few days ago, I'm writing three separate novels right now, and I've had no poetic inspiration for the last week or so.

I'm hoping to post on here again soon, either with photos or poetry.

in the meantime, come visit my novels! me and my co-authors would enjoy your readership.

until later,


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Waiting Outside

I confess it confused me,
and hurt a bit
to know that there are still
bars between us,
that we're so close yet
so far.

"Was it me?" I asked myself,
"Am I not enough?"

But then I realize that 
no one's to fault, 
it was just the wrong time to try, 
your gate wasn't ready to open. 

I think I'll learn 
to be content 
just waiting outside, 
it's not too bad out here; 
because you are still you, 
and I am still me, 
we can chat and laugh and 
be happy together 
like we always used to be.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

happy birthday to my darling, bunny and purple loving friend!!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

a quiet day to celebrate my 15th birthday :)
just what I want.

Monday, July 30, 2012


The crimson ruby sun, 
a phoenix falling behind 
the veil of night, 
feathers wispy across the 
carnation and cornflower sky. 

Its lovely sibling 
wanes weakly upon the opposite side, 
smiling serenely and rising,
looking into the phoenix's eyes 
as it falls to the 
Earth and is swallowed 
by darkness. 

The pearl moon, 
the silver dragon, 
is now 
the ruler of the sky.

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Page

Blank and staring, 
daring me to fill the emptiness. 

The pen. 
Filling my blank world 
with the silky, night black, beautiful ink. 

The words. 
Sprouting like trees, 
growing into a great masterpiece. 

The poem. 
A magic spell 
to capture and hold its audience.

I was doing a major clean-up of my disaster of a room (think hurricane hit area, and you've got it), and I found a notebook with some old poems of mine. This poem, the first in the book, was kind of my gateway drug into the world of poetry. I had written it for a school district-wide poetry/illustrations contest called "Urban Voices" when I was in grade 6, and it got published. Back then, I didn't realize that this poem would open up the door and reveal my love of poetry, so I'm thankful that I managed to get the chance to write it as part of the contest :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

so it's been awhile since I've been on here.
lots of things have happened:

  • I've finished my first year of high school, and summer has now officially started for me :)
  • I've finished my first completed novel Alt+Control
  • I've started a brand new novel with G called North by North ( and I might be planning a sequel for Alt+Control to start over the summer!
  • I've been experimenting with black-out poetry. if I can find a way to upload it to here, I will ASAP
I look forward to posting more often on here :)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

I want to show you the world 
I capture behind my lens, 
what it's like to look 
through the one 
glass eye, 

The Girl

The girl seems to
haunt your every thought
and dream,
to live within
your mind...
Her mere voice can
part the darkening clouds
on your horizon,
bringing in sunlight into
the dismal corners of your darkening

But whenever we
talk I can hear the
pain behind the chatter,
the pain from being
so close to her
oceans away.
Her glittering sun, I’m afraid
is just a reflection upon the water.

I wish you luck,
I cannot caution you any longer
as it is too late,
your heart has been long gone…
I can only help you along
and hope.

for my hopelessly in love friend.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


the life we know 
has so many possibilities, 
filled to the brim 
with perhaps, 
and maybe sos. 

I wish to help but 
there's only so much 
I can say or predict 
as the horizon I see, 
is neither clouded 
by rain nor blessed 
by the sun's rays... 

the sky is clear 
and full of possibilities...

if you may?

Friday, May 4, 2012

sepia memories

the memories of us 
are dyed 
in sepia and 
worn around the edges 
from where I clutched them 
wishing that they 
weren't just things of the past. 

some have creases 
where I folded them, 
trying to compress them.
some have burn marks where 
I thought I could bring myself 
to burn them away 
to meaningless ashes. 
some have warps and marks 
where my tears fell, 
escaping the eyes 
that try to blink them away. 

but I look at them now, 
and see how the vividness has 
slowly leaked away, 
the once powerful emotions 
I had 
faded away. 
the smiling faces that 
belonged to us 
are smudged, 
and I can no longer remember what 
your loving smile looks like 
no matter how hard I try. 

so here I am, 
packing away these dull, 
faded sepia 
it's been long overdue and I 
I open the book, and slip them between 
the pages, 
making a fairytale story of 
us that I can 
whenever I wish. 

and maybe one day, 
I can look upon these 
in happiness.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"Really, he thought, if you can't trust a poet to give sensible advice, who can you trust?"

-Neil Gaiman, "The Graveyard Book."

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Not One Direction

They all ask me 
where I want to go, 
they all want one direction 
and nothing more. 
But I'm not that kind of person, 
I don't just walk 
in a world just black and white. 
I spread my colours 
everywhere I go.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Amongst The Stars

I want to capture your essence 
and place it amongst the stars, 
where it'll stay glowing 
and shimmering, 
always watching me
and watching the world
Your body may crumble
but among the planets and universes
you'll live,
jumping and running and exploring 
to your heart's content. 
And when I'm feeling 
alone and abandoned, 
I know I would be able to 
look up at the sky, 
and know you'll be there 
for eternity.

What inspired this? I honestly don't know. This could become part of a song....

But on a different topic, I went to see the Lorax movie today. It was awesome, and I really liked it. It had a lot of Seuss-like dialogue, and many scenes and quotes are from the book, while adding a new dimension to the story as well. If you can, go see it. It might be cliche, but it's cute and heartwarming.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

a whisper

the wind brings 
a promise, a taste  
of clear blue skies 
and stormy grey clouds, 
of warm sun and shimmering 
cool rain, 
of grass and trees awakening 
to a world of green. 
a promise, 
a whisper 
of spring.

sorry I haven't posted in awhile! just getting myself unwound and relaxed before heading back to school. getting beautiful weather here, perfect for the March Break! it's awesome just to go outside, read a book and soak up the warmth. also great for gathering some inspiration :)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Out Of My Head

Why can’t you get out of my head? 
I tried to banish you ages ago. 
So many times I’ve told myself 
that I’m better off without you, 
and yet you still lurk in my thoughts. 
Go away, 
you’ve already broken my heart once, 
I need time to heal. 
But maybe it’s not you in my head, 
maybe it’s me not wanting to forget.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ghosts of Memories

These streets are haunted 
by ghosts 
of happy memories and 
shared smiles, 
turned bitter and black 
by the waves of hatred, 
and heartbreak. 

Insignificant places
suddenly have meaning.

She can't hide from them, 
the ghosts that grasp her heart 
and squeezes tightly 
until all she can feel 
is an emptiness, 
a dry numbness. 

She welcomes it.
She tells herself it's better than the pain.

She can't feel it 
when her heart is gone, 
stolen away by the waifs; 
she feels full, 
but she is only full of dark anger 
and bitterness.
Indeed she is empty, 
a mere shell of herself. 

All she wants to do is sink into the darkness 
and forget him.

I'm still like this sometimes, even though I keep on thinking I'm finally over him. Random things and places trigger memories, which just make me even sadder. Sometimes when you're heartbroken, you just need to be given time to sulk and be angry before you can heal. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Untitled 4

Ages have gone
since I last saw you,
stones have weathered and eroded
while vines lie withered and death
along the old, crumbling walls.
I walk in to the old creaking house and see
the old rose in its old dusty vase,
long dead, only a shell
of the rose I gave to you with dewy petals
that smelled of a sweet, fragrant scent.
And when I see you,
your appearance is that of the rose,
withered and dry,
but a radiance shines through,
erasing the earthly body that is your shell,
and you become
a young, fresh rose.

A friend asked me to write a poem with the theme that "nature's beauty is transient, but one's beauty will never fade." 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Untitled 3

I look at you, 
and see that you are different; 
but is it really you that has changed?
Perhaps it is me.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What is Love? (Revisited)

Love is 
a whispered word, 
a stolen glance across the room 
that throws your perfectly scheduled life 

Love is 
a shouted declaration, 
a grin of joy that can 
quickly fleet into pain. 

Love is 
a small word, 
yet so powerful, 
always hand-in-hand 
with its sibling 

Something simple today. Thanks G for the cute little poem :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Chasm

We pushed away 
our conflicting thoughts, 
too afraid that what we would say 
would push us apart, 
and yet 
it was those unsaid words
that created a crack, 
which quickly turned into a chasm 
between us.

Sorry if this put a downer on anybody's Valentine's Day! I just needed to get this one out.
Today, I read this beautiful book of poetry called "Think Again" by JonArno Lawson and illustrated by Julie Morstad. With simple, yet deeply profound poems, the Lawson is able to capture the essence of teenage romance and relationships. Here's a review by the Quill and Quire:

I wrote this as a response to this poem called "The Missing Conversation":

The crack: almost invisible, but what seems 
whole is broken--

Important words went missing 

Between two 

Who should have spoken.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

the dead rose

our love was 
a single rose that we kept guarded, 
placed under a glass dome, 
hidden away from other eyes. 
we only lifted the protection when we were alone; 
a single touch, a single rose. 
no matter what we do now, that rose is now dead, 
it suffered in its sanctuary, 
in its tiny glass prison. 
I try to pick up the fallen petals, 
wishing I could breathe new life into 
our fragile, fragrant, precious rose 
but it only keeps wilting on the palm of my hand 
no matter what I do. 
we can place the petals back onto the heart with glue 
but we can't bring that rose back to life; 
our time has passed 
no matter what we do.

sometimes, that's the way love goes...

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

No light is not accompanied 
by shadows, 
no smile without a single tear, 
no sweet sugar without 
the bitter black pill, 
there is no death without any life. 
Night must always follow day, 
day must always follow night, 
we cannot see the black 
until we have seen the white. 
The life-giving sun always leaves 
wailing ghosts in its wake, 
the cold moon caresses the lives 
below and sends them on their way. 
The rotten, stinking things have 
a spark of light alive, 
and even the perfect beings have dark 
secrets buried inside. 
Black and white so tightly intertwined, 
that if you were to take one away, 
there'd be nothing left behind.

In English, we're analyzing poetry and making connections. The poem I chose is called "Tichborne's Elegy," written by a man in his last hours before he was executed for plotting to kill Queen Elizabeth 1. Read it here.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Window Eyes

The people around me 
are sharp, shiny, brittle and empty. 
They try to hide it by reflecting 
their surroundings. 
Empty smiles, mirror eyes. 
But you are different. 
Even now I'm surprised to see 
that instead of a hard, cold reflection 
I see a window, 
so pure and clear 
that it compels me, 
draws me into the depth of your 
very being. 
Only you with your window eyes.

This poem haunted me for a couple of days until I scribbled it out into my journal. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

I've been dealing with a major French project recently, so I had no time to post! I've been using this cute little journal my friend gave me for the time being, but I'll certainly post ASAP

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Blatant Appeal

As you may know, I was writing a novel over the winter break and I'm continuing it! But I have severe writer's block and I can't think of what happens next in the story line!
I know this has nothing to do with Mindscape, but please help.

The blog is:

If you could help, that would be awesome!

Thanks :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The trees shake their 
spindly, naked fingers 
at the ruthless grey of 
the winter sky, 
sighing as the 
bitter wind passes by 
briefly, like a single 
word spoken between 
star crossed lovers; 
a romance gone unnoticed 
for the moment. 

Hello! I am back! Hope you guys had a good holiday. So here's my first poem of the year... an ode to the snowless Toronto winter we're experiencing.
This was like a 2 minute poem created in the middle of English class where surprise, surprise, we just started our poetry unit.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

I know this is kind of late but...

Happy New Year, and to all a good 365 days.