Saturday, August 30, 2014

Day 30: Goodbyes

(Even though there are technically 31 days in August, I only have 30 prompts, and so this will be the final poem of this particular challenge. If I can find another version of this challenge and I have the time, I'd love to do it again! And now for the final poem, to finish up the challenge started with hellos.)

We stand here
under the cold
street light
trying to find words
in which to tie
loose ends,
but within a
sense of finality
there are open doors
to an elusive possibility
of another beginning,
another hello.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Day 29: Acrostic

Evanescent brilliance
Pales into the mirrors of minds
Hounded by the thoughts of
Material and abstractions will only 
Ever disappear with time and we must dive into the
Rote of learning of
Appreciation not preservation when faced with the ever fleeting

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Day 28: Blackout Poem

obsession finding 
love spending 
for a 
colour always 
and comfortable.
 close to perfection a true romance 
happened by chance 
waiting for me. 
a slip, 
a whimsy that 
made me smile. 
I made my way 
to full-on love in an instant.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Day 27: Dialogue

The voice comes 
slicked with the 
blue-green sheen of 
You never 
did mean much 
to anyone, 
they might have smiles 
around you
but they're just 
painted on. 
I know it's not true, 
don't lead me to think otherwise;
You're just a fraud with 
half a heart on 
her sleeve, 
if they saw the black feathers 
underneath the 
white plumage 
they would leave you 
like she did. 
They wouldn't, 
they're not like her; 
And yet you haven't changed: 
still a burden, 
still useless, 
still so pathetic. 
Please just 
leave me alone; 
But how can I 
if I'm just a part 
of you? 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Day 26: Someone I Wish I Knew

She was sitting 
on the ledge of 
a fading house, 
so vibrantly coloured 
next to the 
peeling paint:
red hair 
yellow dress 
purple sneakers. 
I sat in the park 
across from her, 
her head bowed as 
she scribbled in her
and as I walked past her 
towards home, 
I glanced and saw
her drawing of a girl
looked somewhat 
like me.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Day 25: Based Off My Favourite Myth/Mythology

(I am such a mythology geek, I didn't even know where to start! I love all different sorts of myths from different cultures, particularly Greek and Norse mythology, but I decided to go with Greek mythology for this, with a focus on the myth of Persephone and Hades.)

She wanders the fields
where sweet flowers 
entrap the innocent
and summer was 
 swiftly taken on
the wheels of the underworld; 
she is given temptation 
to stay
presented in
tiny ruby red 
packages that bleed 
with sweetness 
and promises 
that she was never made 
for the light.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Day 24: Twenty-four Words

(Fun at the CNE last night! It helped lift my mood after a very long week)

Within the midst 
of a summer night 
I am spun 
in a dance of lights that
twirl and
entwine through 
the cracks in 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Day 23: A List

Things that I keep inside my heart
  • a folder with written mementos I received with love
  • a box of crumpled letters and messages I never sent
  • a shelf of bottled up emotions
    • 1 half full bottle of anger
    • 1 almost overflowing bottle of sadness
  • a book full of half-finished poems and stories
  • a stone full of crushing doubts
  • a grain of hope

Friday, August 22, 2014

Day 22: Perspective of My Favourite Fictional Character

(I have way too many favourite characters, so I just chose one that I had actually been talking to someone about earlier today)

It started off 
as a game, 
where did we go wrong? 
It was all fun and now 
I'm sitting in 
the middle of nowhere, 
mother's scarf wrapped 
around my neck, 
drawn to the allure 
of the bottle 
full of 
with the lip painted
the same shade of 
lipstick as hers. 
We tried to grow up 
so fast,
so young. 
Darkness is 
now an old friend, 
and has taken to whispering 
to me, 
grinning as it 
pushes me towards 
the edge of sanity. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Day 21: Advice I'd Like to Give People

(A reminder to all of my friends who are sad, and just need this reminder)


When the world 
feels like it's 
crumbling around you 
and crushing you 
under the rubble;
when anxiety clouds 
your mind
and you feel so 
utterly alone; 
when everything 
feels so terribly wrong:

Everything is going to be ok.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Day 20: Both Sides of a Relationship

(Dedicated to A, as I wish our friendship was never lost, but I suppose the end was inevitable.)

                                          She is my best friend.          She is my best friend.
    She keeps me grounded when my mind is too          She lifts me back on my feet when I feel the
                                            far up in the clouds.           world holding me down.
              Her sharp tongue keeps me on my toes           Her soothing voice coaxes me into moments
                              in lighthearted battles of wit.           of calm and gentle silences. 
   She listens sincerely and whole kindheartedly           She talks to me about things secret to everyone
                                       when nobody else will.           else around her.
                                           She is my other half.           She is my other half.

Forever is what we promised.

                                 She had to move last week           She had to stay last week
                                         and leave me behind.            and I left her behind. 
                             She doesn't live far away but            She doesn't live far away but  
           she's too far away from me and my side.           distance stretches when she's not by my side.
                                               Emails everyday?           Calls everyday?
                                                           I promise.            I promise.

Promises never truly lasted forever when we were so young
I suppose.

                                       She is my best friend,              She is my best friend,
                       though I'm not so sure anymore.             though I'm not so sure anymore.
        She's starting to change over the months,              She's starting to change over the months,
             she's not the same friend I had before.              she's not the same friend I had before. 
                       Her tongue has turned its blade,              Her comfort has turned cold,
                       her words are sharp and cut me.              her indifference chills my heart. 
    I stopped calling so I didn't have to hear her              I stopped emailing so I didn't have to see her
                                          and her accusations.             lifeless insincere words.
                                 She stopped emailing me.              She stopped calling me.
                                  Fear sinks into my heart:               Anxiety settles into my mind:
                                                    She hates me.             She hates me. 

We were left with unfinished silence 
to pick up the pieces. 

                             I wonder where she is now.               I wonder where she is now. 
              Brief emails pepper silences once in               Brief messages break stillness once in
                                                    a blue moon,              a blue moon,
            though those have seemed to stop too.             though those have seemed to stop too.
                                  She was my best friend,              She was my best friend,
                         and now she's only a stranger.             and now she's only a stranger.

Day 19: Based Off a Picture

(This is very late, I apologize. I got carried away trying to finish a game.)

She falls 
into the 
pinpoints of 
her life, 
grasping for sense 
within the 
unruled nature 
of her mind
and building 
constructions to house 
her memories and 
unfinished thoughts 
she is left 
in a void of 
ambiguous space.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Day 18: Starting With One Word and Ending With the Opposite

Surrounded by 
hazy streetlights 
that attempt to 
mimic daylight shining 
through the window,
I sit in the noise 
of my mind 
as the time trickles by
in those nights 
at 2 in the morning 
where I am
so awake and
utterly alone.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Day 17: About a Natural Disaster

 The Earth shifts 
and groans,
slowly opening 
wounds that run 
deep into
her core, 
revealing her blood 
running hot;
yet within her 
own self-destruction, 
she is still 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Friday, August 15, 2014

Day 15: Point of View of a Book

(this is not about one particular book, but books in general. Also includes a bonus haiku that I created with my cousins)

Forced beyond 
the appearance of covers
into my sea 
of words readers 
snaring them 
into the lives 
of those who 
fading pages; 
much like 
my readers, 
I am a universe 
hidden inside 
an unassuming 


I'm not a coaster 
Don't abuse my broken spine 
Just read and enjoy. 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Day 14: Place I'd Like to Visit

(This is very much inspired by the books I read when I was younger. Venice has always held such an allure for my younger self, and it still casts a romantic charm on me now.)

 Crumbling beauty 
of buildings shadow the
brightly coloured 
so much like 
flitting migrating tropical birds 
wandering as the 
city breathes 
and pulses
with its lifeblood 
in multiple 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Day 13: Response to a Shakesperean Sonnet

Who will believe my verse in time to come,
If it were filled with your most high deserts?
Though yet heaven knows it is but as a tomb
Which hides your life, and shows not half your parts.
If I could write the beauty of your eyes,
And in fresh numbers number all your graces,
The age to come would say 'This poet lies;
Such heavenly touches ne'er touched earthly faces.'
So should my papers, yellowed with their age,
Be scorned, like old men of less truth than tongue,
And your true rights be termed a poet's rage
And stretched metre of an antique song:
But were some child of yours alive that time,
You should live twice, in it, and in my rhyme.

 You with your 
aureate tongue,
so worn out 
and overwrought, 
like wine that 
has been 
aged beyond 
its time; 
euphonious are
your words, 
speaking of the 
heavenly beauty 
found in your 
and yet beauty 
is all you speak of, 
and the people 
would point out
your lies;
no such person 
existed except within 
the chimerical whims 
of your mind.

Day 12: Stranger's Perspective

(This was really really hard, and I'm not even sure why. Excuse the tardiness of this poem and the quality. Dedicated to that one guy who I caught staring at me when I was taking pictures downtown.)

Walking down the 
feeling weighed down 
with the humidity 
of the summer air
and lightened 
by the smoke that 
filled my lungs 
and core, 
a curious figure cuts 
the scene of 
bustling people
with a camera 
in hand 
stock still
in the middle of the sidewalk. 

I gaze at her, 
so as not to bore 
into her, 
watch as she's enveloped 
in the scene behind 
her viewfinder.

Her eyes 
flicker to mine, 
and I drop my gaze, 
rushing past her, 
though I'm stuck wondering 
what made her stop 
on a hot mid-summer afternoon 
to capture in 
her camera.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Day 11: Based Off One of My Favourite Lyrics

(This was really challenging, considering I don't really have much of favourite lyrics, or a favourite song even, but I chose a piece that has always kind of stuck with me.)

For reasons unknown 
I had thought of him
thought of our years together 
and the eventual unraveling 
of us.

And I had realized
where I used to 
see ghosts,
there are only 
faint feelings of nolstalgia, 
and all of the sadness 
that once held onto me 
to the bitter end
has faded into 
the distance, 
now only
gentle fleeting memories and 
fading photographs 
of a time
where he and I 
had made every single moment count. 

the time on 
the clocks we had shared 
is moving on, 
and I have been carried 
along with it 
to a different precious moments 
with someone else. 

Day 10: Moon

 She illuminates 
the sky, 
with her consorts 
her stars that are 
outshone by her 
 sempiternal glow. 
caressing the 
faces of those who 
stare up at her,
she places a
soft touch 
in the hearts of the 
romantics that write 
odes to her 
She eludes 
of anything more 
than the human eye
before she disappears 
with the aubade 
harking the rise of 
her sister 
the sun. 

Day 9: Honest Poem About Myself

I am unremarkable,
no revolutionary ideas 
to call my own, 
no event shocking enough 
to leave an impression, 
no calling card for the 
universe to recognize me by. 

I'm merely a girl, 
full of juxtapositions and 
a mouth that habitually lies
and a self that values truth, 
a selfish heart 
with a need to give away too much, 
a noisy mind 
that rarely voices itself; 
strong yet fragile, 
like steel that has been tempered 
too often. 

I am unremarkable, 
just like most girls, 
but I am full of thirst 
for beauty, 
love and 

Friday, August 8, 2014

Day 8: Describe a Colour

(Kudos to you if you can figure out what colour I'm talking about, although I think I gave it away in the last line. Also, I'm going to be away until Monday afternoon, so I'll catch up on my missed days when I get back, I promise!)

It's the colour 
of the fog 
that I see when I 
close my
of waking up to a 
dawn without 
the traces of the sun 
other than the 
dull glow hidden 
behind heavy clouds, 
the mess of 
where nothing is ever 
black or white.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Day 7: Something That Makes Me Happy


Let the shutter 
freeze the 
that human eyes 
let pass
without another thought. 


Paint pictures 
using reality,
light and


Drift into 
anonymous behind 
the face of a lens. 


Let the camera become 
your tool and 
your eye.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Day 6: Season Metaphor

Summer is the 
capricious youth:
bathing in the
stillness between 
the sowing of spring and 
the harvesting of autumn
with moods quick to 
dour clouds and 
elate sunshine; 
like the fireflies that 
flickers around her, 
she is
fleeting and 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Day 5: Eulogy

(I was absolutely stuck on this prompt for the whole day, until I realized that eulogies did not necessarily have to be for a deceased person. Have some short praise written for one of my favourite authors of all time, Neil Gaiman.)

Here's to the
crafter of words,
the man who 
spins tales of

ancient gods fighting for recognition
 among the hostile world
of modern America

underground cities
with a secret named Door

Morpheus and his siblings
who must adapt to survive

magic beings and 
a pond (or ocean?) hidden
in fragmented childhood memory

and many more filled
with tangled wordplay
and plots that demand
to be devoured,
leaving his readers
drunk in
his worlds.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Day 4: Dictionary Entry

Toska noun /ˈtō-skə/
  1. the fire in that
    unplaceable part of
    your heart
  2. longing for
    something that you can
    only perceive as
    intangible fog
  3. that humming and
    aching within your
    bones that sets
    you on edge
  4. the sense of you
    feeling everything
    and nothing
    at all

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Day 3: Based Off Of My Favourite Fairytale

(The Robber Bridegroom isn't exactly my favourite fairytale, but I do enjoy it a lot, as I do all Grimm fairytales.)

An exchange is made 
between two men, 
a distrustful bride as
 the bridegroom all charm 
and invitations.

She turns down the path 
to his house 
in the middle of the 
dark forest, 
following the ash 
and trailing behind 
the fruits of her 

Turn back, turn back
cries the bird, 
screeching of 
murderers and 
A creaky old woman 
in the cellar
as old as the house 
whispers secrets and 
plans of escape 
as the bird 
cries out its warning 
a final time.

She watches: 
one other maiden 
three glasses of wine 
one death 
one feast 
one golden ring attached to a finger. 

She escapes 
full of secrets and 
a plan. 

A wedding banquet 
lavishly furnished with 
the bridegroom's lies, 
she spins tales of 
a dream 
that is the truth, 
with the golden ring and finger 
as the funeral bells
for the robber bridegroom.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Day 2: To My Future Self

You are a stranger to me, 
made up of complex choices and 
feelings and 
traveled paths I have not 
yet walked on or 
But I trust that you don't 
have that many 
ghosts of regret.

Do you still feel that 
humming in your bones, 
the ones that set your 
mind on edge? 
Do you still silence yourself 
when you feel 
the words would break you and 
everything else?
I hope you don't. 

And perhaps you'll 
look in the mirror 
tomorrow and 
within fragments 
of yourself 
remember the 
girl you used to 

Friday, August 1, 2014

Day 1: Hellos

I'm attempting a 30 day poetry challenge! I don't even know how well this is going to go, or if I'm even going to be able to stick with it...but I'll try!
Either way, here's Day 1: a poem about hellos (last minute).

Beginnings are so easy 
to start, 
words slip easily 
off of insincere tongues, 
a conversation tied into a 
tidy package 
so easily thrown away. 
I can never say 
that you had me at 
a word so threadbare 
that it's no longer
of meaning, 
but it opened 
the path from nothing 
to everything.