Sunday, May 27, 2012

I want to show you the world 
I capture behind my lens, 
what it's like to look 
through the one 
glass eye, 

The Girl

The girl seems to
haunt your every thought
and dream,
to live within
your mind...
Her mere voice can
part the darkening clouds
on your horizon,
bringing in sunlight into
the dismal corners of your darkening

But whenever we
talk I can hear the
pain behind the chatter,
the pain from being
so close to her
oceans away.
Her glittering sun, I’m afraid
is just a reflection upon the water.

I wish you luck,
I cannot caution you any longer
as it is too late,
your heart has been long gone…
I can only help you along
and hope.

for my hopelessly in love friend.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


the life we know 
has so many possibilities, 
filled to the brim 
with perhaps, 
and maybe sos. 

I wish to help but 
there's only so much 
I can say or predict 
as the horizon I see, 
is neither clouded 
by rain nor blessed 
by the sun's rays... 

the sky is clear 
and full of possibilities...

if you may?

Friday, May 4, 2012

sepia memories

the memories of us 
are dyed 
in sepia and 
worn around the edges 
from where I clutched them 
wishing that they 
weren't just things of the past. 

some have creases 
where I folded them, 
trying to compress them.
some have burn marks where 
I thought I could bring myself 
to burn them away 
to meaningless ashes. 
some have warps and marks 
where my tears fell, 
escaping the eyes 
that try to blink them away. 

but I look at them now, 
and see how the vividness has 
slowly leaked away, 
the once powerful emotions 
I had 
faded away. 
the smiling faces that 
belonged to us 
are smudged, 
and I can no longer remember what 
your loving smile looks like 
no matter how hard I try. 

so here I am, 
packing away these dull, 
faded sepia 
it's been long overdue and I 
I open the book, and slip them between 
the pages, 
making a fairytale story of 
us that I can 
whenever I wish. 

and maybe one day, 
I can look upon these 
in happiness.