Sunday, May 29, 2011

Art of the Circus

People soar 
and twist through 
the air, 
creating streaks 
of colour as they 
cut through the 
light like 
a paint stroke on 
the canvas.

They twist and 
stretch themselves 
into a form 
of architecture; 
balance and 
movement all create 
not even the most 
wonderful sculptures 
and buildings could 

The beauty of the 
circus is something  
as each show is 
never quite the same 
as the next;
the art of the circus
is something you'll
never quite forget.

I saw my cousin's circus performance last night, and it was awesome! Her circus school does a performance every year. Going to a circus show, whether it's done by Cirque Du Soleil or your local school, is a unique experience. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get any pictures (by the time I'd realized I had my camera in my bag, the show was over) but I don't think photos would be able to capture the art of the circus.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Society has 
such a big 
influence on us 
as it 
pushes its ideals 
on the people, 
setting the rules 
of being 
in stone, 
but when we 
teach our children 
and family 
that those rules 
don't exist, 
we're taking 
one more step forward 
into a better future.

We had an interesting class discussion today about Storm, the child being raised genderless. Instead of the parents saying whether Storm is a boy or a girl, they're letting Storm decide for him/herself. This way, Storm is not constricted to what others feel is appropriate for that gender, but to do whatever (s)he wants. Thus, the parents are breaking down the rules society put on us unknowingly: that boys should wear blue and play with cars and dinosaur while girls should wear pink and play with Barbies and dolls. My class was pretty divided about their feelings of how the parents are raising Storm. What do you think? Check out the link for the article about Storm:

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Sparks explode 
over our heads, 
a shower of 
light up the 
smiles on our faces 
as our spirits are 
lifted with the 
and end the night 
with light.

Saw some amazing fireworks last night for Victoria's Day! Here are some pictures:

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The World Is Dark...

The world 
is dark, 
but it is not 
because we only 
need to strike 
stone against 
stone to 
create a 
spark of 

I was reading the New Yorker (yes, I read my dad's magazines, they're interesting!) and I found this article on an American lawyer named Clarence Darrow. The closing of the article, however, summed up his attitude and the way he approached life: "Gentlemen, the world is dark," Darrow told the jury in Oshkosh, "but it is not hopeless." After all, no attorney for the damned ever lacks for work.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


We may know
what we are,
where we live,
when we're here or there,
how we live our life,
but we'll never truly
find everything about
who we are.

Another "Sophie's World" and Miral inspired poem. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Steps To The Podium

Walk up the steps 
one at a time 
to the brightly lit 
all eyes and 
smiles focused on us.

Heat racing, 
hand tightening 
around the thick 
pages of the 
take two steps 
and shake hands with 
the M.C. 

Time to put on your 
performer's role 
and channel that 
nervousness into 
enthusiasm and energy, 
and don't forget to 
look out into the crowd 
and smile.

Last night, I was fortunate to join this tribute dinner for those who've dedicated their lives to excellence in public education, which was hosted by the Learning Partnership (a nation-wide program). This was a huge event, with CEO's and presidents of some of the biggest companies in Canada, and about 2000 people there! Me and my classmate Will were invited to talk about our Entrepreneurial Adventure that the Learning Partnership brought to us. It was an amazing experience, but I have to say it was extremely nerve-racking before and during the speech we did. But wow, that was one memorable night!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dear Mom

to sum you up I'll 
need at least 
a million words, 
and because there's
not enough time
 to do 
let me just 
say that 
you are 


Happy Mother's Day To All Mothers Around The World. You deserve it.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Green and 
colours sprout 
across the city, 
bringing a sense 
of re-awaking 
and life.

Short poem today! (I don't know why, just don't feel like writing much I guess.) Anyways, other than the Puppetmaster story, I've been thinking of a new story idea that I might reveal later... it's just a basic idea right now.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Being Human

Being human means 
making mistakes 
and learning 
from them, 
not being 

Being human means 
to the world 
around us, 
adapting and changing 
who we are.

Being human means 
and all other emotions.

Being human is 
being imperfect
and being 

My friends kept on poking me to see if I was the "real" me, as I had made a stupid mistake on my essay, missed it in my editing phase, and had to stay after school for 5 minutes because of it. Usually, I'm not like that (which explains why my friends were poking me) as I am usually very meticulous about editing my writing. But, as my teacher pointed out, it shows I'm human. Thus, her words inspired this. Not very poetical, but oh well.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Sometimes we 
are so driven to be
concise that 
we forget the 
beauty of 
words and 
their meaning, 
and we drain 
the life out of
sentences and pages 
until it's only 
the driest skeleton 
and not enjoyable. 

Sunday, May 1, 2011


We try to reach
far beyond what
we already understood
was impossible,
trying to learn
the answer to the
question that was
always there.

We try to build
a tower of Babel
to see
if we could
lift ourselves from
the dirt and
look into
the answer of all
things in the eye.

But perhaps we
don't need to take
such measures
to see what
the truth
and maybe all we
need to do is
wonder about the world
and never take for
granted what we see
to see the answer

Sorry I haven't been posting lately! I've been pretty busy. Anyways, I read this awesome book called "Sophie's World" and it's pretty much a philosophy book mixed with a novel. You learn about the greatest philosophers that ever lived ranging from ancient Greece to modern day times. Near the beginning, the author compares the world as a giant rabbit being pulled from a magician's hat, and while many of us are comfortable nestled in the rabbit's fur, others try to climb to the tip of the rabbit's hairs and try to look at the magician in the eye. Those trying to look for the magician are philosophers; those who look beyond what others think is tiring and normal and to try to solve the mystery of the world. This really struck me as fascinating and true, and it's a great read. Really, it'll challenge the way you think.