Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Untitled 5

My life is just
a procedure to
be repeated,
no useful function behind it except
to exist and be
recursive upon itself.
A program,
nothing except pseudo-random events
that only comes when
If I had the option
would I
relocate and 
clear screen?

I guess I lied when I said I would post more often. Sigh...
School is stressful (hooray for crunch time!), I'm expending all of my creative energy towards drama scripts and rehearsals. Excuse the pessimistic tone this poem headed towards...I suppose I'm just tired.

However, I do still have enough to take photographs and work on the novel North by North (it's over a year old now!). I'll try posting more photos (I keep on forgetting!), but in the meanwhile, check out N by N :D
G and I would appreciate it.