Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What Happened To The Boy Who Said, "It Only Gets Better"?

What happened? 
What happened to drive 
you beyond the security 
of you friends' words and 
family's love?
What happened to push you to the rock bottom? 
What happened to the boy 
that was able to write about it 
day after day, 
who said, "it only gets better"? 
What happened? 

Was it the ignorance? 
Was it the words that were thrown at you 
from all directions, 
piercing you like daggers 
until it reached your very 
Was it the people who failed 
to take a stand and 
stop it; 
the crowds of people who just 
stood and stared? 
Was it the ignorance? 

What if I was there? 
Would I have been able 
to stop you? 
Would I have been able to hug you, 
reassure you that you weren't alone, 
that you would be able to cope with it? 
Would you have lived? 

But it's too late 
to ask questions now. 

For those of you who haven't heard, a 14 year old gay boy who was teased and taunted mercilessly committed suicide very recently. Here's a link if you'd like to read more about it, and watch the video he posted earlier this year: 
Reflecting upon this, I realize this is a tragedy that could've easily prevented, if people took notice and took action. Instead, this boy was left alone to fight off a relentless attack of insults, and eventually felt that life was not worth living. I am ashamed for those who didn't take a stand when they could, for those who let this pass by without notice and those who kept on saying and doing hurtful things. So please, if you ever have the chance to stop bullying of any kind, whether it's about sexual orientation, gender, race, etc. DO IT. Maybe you'll prevent something like this from happening ever again.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Twin Towers Of Rubble (A 9/11 Memorial Poem)

10 years 
have passed since 
the towers lit up 
in flames, 
twin columns 
of smoke and 
twisted steel slowly 
starting to crumble. 

10 years have passed 
since we watched 
men, women and children 
flinging themselves out of windows in 
hopeless desperation, 
waiting for 
a miracle to happen, 
for them to sprout wings and fly to safety, 
but nothing happened and 
onward they fell 
onto twin spears of rubble, 
cement and 

We could only watch 
the tragedy happen, 
as many risked and lost 
their lives to 
protect others 
 through the false intimacy 
of television, 
and we wish we could 
reach through the screen 
and help, 
that we could catch those falling 
and those stuck inside, 
but many miles and a 
pane of glass separates us 
from them. 


We cannot rewind the past. 
We cannot undo what has 
what foolish actions 
humans decide to do. 
All we can do 
is bow our heads 
and remember the 2,977 victims, 
even if it is 
10 years since 
September 9th, 2001. 

Even though I was only four at the time, I remember 9/11. The adults talking, the pictures in the newspapers the next day, the footage on T.V. When I searched it up today how many lives were lost, it shocked me. 2,996 deaths (including the hijackers) were counted. 2,996 lives disappeared in one day. For those who haven't done so, please have a moment of silence and honour the dead, no matter where you were when 9/11 happened. 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I try to 
funnel the thoughts 
and words in my 
trying to make 
them into 
comprehensible sentences 
and sort them out 
into meaningful poems, 
not just a 
jumble of 
scattered ideas. 
How ironic that 
when I have the ideas, 
I have no idea how to 
write it.

You know how I was complaining earlier that I couldn't think of anything to write? Now I have too much to write about!!! Ahhh!!!! With the 9/11 tenth anniversary coming up and school starting a couple of days ago, my mind's in a big mess right now. 

Anyways, Happy Birthday Veronica!!! And Happy (early) Birthday to Neetya and Lizzie!!!