Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Radioactive Blossoms

Radioactive blossoms
flourish on 
the once 
busy site,
poisoning and 
across the 

Unstoppable vines
of unleashed power
reach out
and snake around
the abandoned
and evacuated buildings,
invisible to
the naked eye.

What had happened
to this metropolis
that once thrived?

And the brave
few who had
stayed to
save the 
who once relied on
the roots of these

I'm sure many people have heard of the nuclear plant disaster in Japan, and about the brave group of workers who stayed behind to cool the overheating core and spent rods. On the New Yorker, on the latest issue, there's a very clever cover, with a drawing of a Japanese cherry blossom tree, but instead of petals, it was the radioactive sign. Radioactive blossoms stayed in my head the whole day, and this poem was created.

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