Thursday, September 8, 2011

I try to 
funnel the thoughts 
and words in my 
trying to make 
them into 
comprehensible sentences 
and sort them out 
into meaningful poems, 
not just a 
jumble of 
scattered ideas. 
How ironic that 
when I have the ideas, 
I have no idea how to 
write it.

You know how I was complaining earlier that I couldn't think of anything to write? Now I have too much to write about!!! Ahhh!!!! With the 9/11 tenth anniversary coming up and school starting a couple of days ago, my mind's in a big mess right now. 

Anyways, Happy Birthday Veronica!!! And Happy (early) Birthday to Neetya and Lizzie!!!


  1. What is so special about September 9?!?

  2. It's the anniversary of the terrorist attack in New York, September 9th, 2001.