Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Darkness Inside

The darkness inside 
is hidden by the light, 
a caged beast that has fallen asleep 
with boredom. 

Everything is normal. 

But sometimes, 
I let the beast out 
and let it unleash its claws 
and bare its teeth. 
I can feel its hunger resonate inside me, 
so hungry for destruction 
and despair. 
The veil of light 
slip away... 
I don't stop it. 

Havoc is wrecked.

When the beast is sated, 
it stretches and cleans its fur, 
wiping away the blood and gore 
that has collected on the teeth and claws. 
It slinks back away inside 
and I shut the door, 
barricading it in 
until the beast become restless 
once again. 

My stories and poems can be very dark. People dying, having tortured lives, traumatized, brutally murdered, killing in cold blood, revenge... you get the gist. Now if you were to see me, you'd probably think I'm the cheerful, smart who has no evil inside. But the darkness just doesn't come out to play very often on the outside, unless I totally snap. I, instead, let it wreck some havoc in my fictional world. Be warned when you read my stories....

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