Friday, May 4, 2012

sepia memories

the memories of us 
are dyed 
in sepia and 
worn around the edges 
from where I clutched them 
wishing that they 
weren't just things of the past. 

some have creases 
where I folded them, 
trying to compress them.
some have burn marks where 
I thought I could bring myself 
to burn them away 
to meaningless ashes. 
some have warps and marks 
where my tears fell, 
escaping the eyes 
that try to blink them away. 

but I look at them now, 
and see how the vividness has 
slowly leaked away, 
the once powerful emotions 
I had 
faded away. 
the smiling faces that 
belonged to us 
are smudged, 
and I can no longer remember what 
your loving smile looks like 
no matter how hard I try. 

so here I am, 
packing away these dull, 
faded sepia 
it's been long overdue and I 
I open the book, and slip them between 
the pages, 
making a fairytale story of 
us that I can 
whenever I wish. 

and maybe one day, 
I can look upon these 
in happiness.

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