Monday, September 17, 2012

Two Clocks, Two Hearts

in the days we live, 
time is both cruel 
and kind; 
our separate clocks are ticking 
washing the pain  
and our wonderful memories. 
our time together is past us now, 
our clocks tap to a different beat, 
but it was one of those moments 
where we were temporarily in sync 
that unveiled the shadows from 
my eyes and mind. 

is it strange that 
only now I see your hand 
extended to reach mine? 
maybe I blindfolded myself to you 
after we parted ways. 
a remnant of the string 
that bound us ages ago 
is still tied to you, 
much like how it's 
fastened around my wrist; 
a constant reminder. 
the burning red of the string 
is now finally 
fading in the sunshine 
that shines brilliantly in my eyes. 

I start thinking about 
the us that we can't go back to
no matter what. 
But there's no time for regrets 
or what-ifs, 
our clocks are ticking away. 
I close my eyes against the brightness 
and listen to the ticks of our pendulums 
drift towards each other. 

When they sync, 
I take your hand and smile. 
We can start a new beginning, 
a new friendship, 
and walk away from the shadows 

hello there! sorry for such the long dry spell over here. 
this is based on some real life happenings... my first love and I are...reconnecting you could say, which is very easy to do since we've known each other for so long. to be honest, I'm glad, because I value the friendship I had with him for a long time. this poem was inspired by the song "Answer," which I have recently found and love. watch it at this link, I love the lyrics a lot. you'll see many references in my poem to the song.

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