Thursday, October 23, 2014


In English, we had to emulate a poet's collection and style by using the same characteristics (themes, tone, technique) as them.
I created 3 poems based on The Stag Head Spoke by Erina Harris, and I liked how they turned out!


I, the wolf, watch her--

she strews moonstones shining pewter starlight
through the velvet gloom that capes her,  
amidst the looming trees that bow humbly towards her

she shimmers, canines and claws glinting,
princess of the twilight forest and
mysteries that I fearfully love so dearly.

In the woods she looks through broken  
glass to crooked broken
backs of paths for the way out--

or perhaps in. 


The monster wakes, midnight wails slipping
through the breaking spines of  

twigs raking, raking, raking our skin
until we adorn bracelets of red

beads trickling down wrists where they
mix at hands held aching, pulsing of heartbeats

racing as we await yellow eyes to
follow us, quaking. 


Whispering aubade, butterflies alight on the

scrapped remains of a girl's petticoat
bleeding, seeping down bark

untouched, unslain. She licks her lips
of innocence tamed,

sweetness leaves in their mouths
hunger. The wolf girl and the girl wolf traipses

towards weeping dawn.

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