Tuesday, November 11, 2014


My teacher told me,
"Everyone has a plot of land, 
and you can find out a lot about them 
by seeing how they tend to it." 
I wonder what 
you'd learn if you 
saw the garden I tend to: 

a small wooden gate 
swings easily open 
(don't worry about the latch, 
it's never closed);

small paths of
earth well-traveled
wind around patches of 
greenery into which
towering dahlias 
and carnations paired 
with the soft brush of 
wildflowers grow 

in the center of it all 
stands a single rowan tree 
holding onto its 
ruby berries, 
two benches planted 
at its roots
(you're welcome to sit and stay).

But maybe your eyes will travel
to the locked gate behind the
rowan that leads to a shaded
thicket and a trickling stream that you
can hear but can't see; 

covered in vines 
and old with rust, 
towering over the heads of those 
that approach it, 
most are content in the 
primness of the flowers and have 
never seeked a way in.

If I gave you the key, 
would you explore it
and try to find me there?

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