Friday, December 26, 2014

An Experiment in Freewriting

In writer's craft, we almost always spend 5-10 minutes of freewriting at the beginning of class - you can't stop writing, and you just let whatever comes to mind go onto paper. Normally, they end up being memoir-ish pieces when I do it, but I decided to try a poem in that style (only a minute of writing).

you and I
me and you

in which I can only describe us in the posts I see
"you're the most perfect person"
"I'm in love with your imperfections"

we are
perfect in our
cracks and flaws
we have to allow ourselves to break
before we can repair ourselves -

Japanese ceramics shattered put together again
with veins of gold they are once again whole
with ore and more beautiful than before

than before?

the before when the spark jump started us forward
and the after where the electric feelings are just
enough to keep us inching towards


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