Sunday, May 3, 2015

writer's craft prose

We did some freewriting in writer's craft the other day, which included the prompts of:
it's more difficult than you think/
quiet rain/
lost things

I decided to push myself and use all of them, and this is how it ended up (I feel like my style has become more and more fragmented and post-modern these days)


quiet rain against
cold fogged window panes 
of glass, 
spring day calling for 
us to stop 
looking outside and listen 
to the pattering of 
pencils against paper 
and the shush of 
teachers muttering behind 
closed doors

but we are lost
motivation lost
consciousness lost

to the sounds of water 
and promises it'll be 
over soon.
we had vowed to
ourselves on a sunny day that 
"of course not, that
wouldn't be us"
but it's harder than you think to
not fall into that

but perhaps it's 
for the better, 
so we can kick and 
dip our feet 
into different puddles 
before deciding to dive 
deep into one 
or two 
or more 
not having to come up for 
air because quiet 
water never 
hurt anyone and 
we'll always be able 
to surface when we 

and even if we 
can't those 
currents and undertows will 
carry us to 
unknowns and 
that's where we are:

on the brink of known 
and unknown, 
feeling water on our skin but 
dry land under 
our toes; 

quiet rain against 
our windows 
calling for us to look 
outside and 

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