Sunday, December 20, 2015

This is Gospel For the Fallen Ones

So this is what you meant
when you said you were a child,
you’re like a party and
she threw me -

I didn’t even have to ask
“Are you insane like me?”

Cause she’s the kind of girl
who’ll smash herself down in a night,
stealing kisses from your misses and
leaving out the backdoor.

You got a fast car
and she’ll be the one
to come up to meet you,
leaving me to my own devices.

Won’t you just give me a second darling
to clear my head,
the world spins by me too fast
when all of your flaws and all of my flaws
are laid out one by one.

In a few weeks I will finally get time,
but would you know my name then?

This is more of a creative exercise than anything, since I've been trying to work around a creative block I'm still trying to pin down.
It's based off of a prompt, asking to put your music on shuffle, and taking the first lines out of the songs that come out. Obviously, some of the lines have been adapted and shifted, but the general gists of them remain.
The songs featured in this (in order) are: This is Gospel, It's Time, Kids, Party, Gasoline, Patron Saint, Girls Like Girls, Miss Jackson, Fast Car, The Scientist, Pompeii, Unfinished Business, 19-2000, Flaws, What You Know, and Tears in Heaven.

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