Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New World

The city grows smaller
as gravity shifts
and pins me
to the seat;
peering out the window
I see the
city fade behind
the clouds.

Buildings and 
streets reduced to 
a size that makes
the world seem so fragile;
it seems we can
destroy a whole town with
just the slightest touch.

Soon we're in 
the sky,
flying off
to someplace different,
sun beating down,
clouds beneath me 
and endless blue enveloping the

Cold glass meets
my fingers as I
peer out into 
the new world around me.

Flying is quite the experience, even if you have done it several times. It's just the thought of being in the air and being someplace that looks eons away from the ground is such a change of perspective. 
It was just over 5 hour plane flight to Vancouver and about 4 hour plane flight back.

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