Monday, April 25, 2011

On The Fast Lane

My life feels
like it's on the 
fast lane,
always pressured
to go,
to not stop and
catch my breath
as I try
to stop the
work from 
overwhelming me.

Assignments fly
past and 
tests are marked,
as I try to juggle
my school
and outside life,
one ball dropped and
my world will just 

Stress has become 
so familiar
that I hardly remember 
what it's like
without it,
and maybe I just
need to shift gears

I hate this time of year. Little hints of the end of the school year come and go, my dance showing is in a couple of weeks, the homework pile is just getting larger, I still have my physiotherapy and neurotherapy I have to do every day, I'm trying to write a story, and the rainy weather outside just does not help my mood. I'm tired, I'm stressed, and maybe I just need to get out of the fast lane for awhile.

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