Sunday, January 9, 2011


A whole world
contained in a hole;
a colony's life contained within.

Swarms flowing in 
and out;
a current of activity
comes out of the darkness
of the hollow log.

Something so small
can contain so much life.


  1. Hey Kiki,
    We're kids from 84 and we are just checking out your blog because we are interested in making one ourselves. We thought it was really impressive and were just wondering if you took this picture yourself?
    Good job,
    Alex & Jess

  2. Hi Alex and Jess! Thanks for checking out my blog! Making a blog is really easy, and its really cool too. You can put whatever you want up on the internet. Yes, I took all of the pictures myself. I love photography too, especially of nature.
    Thanks, and good luck with your blog!