Monday, January 3, 2011

Pointing Nowhere

Signs pointing
to nowhere
and nobody;
They sit in a clearing
besides the path,
out of place with all of the
trees and grass.
Questions are whispered as
people pass by:
"Who put them there?"
"What are they for?"
"Why are they there?"
But the signs can't talk,
so people leave the oddity
of signs pointing nowhere.

This was taken at the Brickworks in the summer, during some construction. Someone had placed them there, and no one passing by knew why or who.


  1. Signs can be so confusing--especially the signs in your photo! I agree--they are useless. I often think we rely on signs too much when we should just follow our hearts. Can you picture a world without signs? Would it inspire chaos or creativity? -Mrs. G

  2. acording to the picture, which way would you go?? :)