Wednesday, January 26, 2011


A phone call in the night
and your world has ended;
shattered into a million pieces
that time will never heal.

A choice
that can never be forgotten,
a ripple effect
that hurts everyone around you.

Faces of people
that you have known
or loved
covered in blood;
staring with blank,
unblinking eyes.

The world spins around you,
yet you insist
that you are still fine,
but inside you know you aren't.

Families broken,
heart is broken,
life is broken.

One mistake.
One crash.
Everything happens 
in a split second.

Why do they have to be hurt because
of someone who couldn't
make the right choice?

Why do others have to
pay the price
for the actions of others?

So do me a favour,
do yourself a favour,
do a favour to all of us.

Don't drink and drive.

In school today, we watched a shocking presentation by MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) about the stories of real-life people being hurt by drunk-driving. It was so sad to see how people make such stupid mistakes, which causes consequences for many people. So please, if you ever see someone go to drive somewhere drunk, or if you are drinking, or someone get hit by a drunk-driver, don't ignore it. Do something about it.

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