Monday, January 31, 2011

(Human) Nature: A Reality Tale

Once upon a time
Humans decided the world
Wasn’t good enough
And started building furiously.
They created cities miles into the sky,
Stretching out like giants.
Roads went on forever and ever;
The land groaned underneath the weight.
But humanity was not satisfied.
Soon, the buzzing of bees and
The chirping of birds
Were replaced by
The sounds of cars whooshing past.
Nature was substituted by
Yet people called it a
Wonderful world.

This is part of a poem book I had to do last year. My theme was the relationship between humans and nature, hence the title (Human) Nature.

1 comment:

  1. This poem reminds me of something I learned a few years ago: that apparently, we humans move more earth each year (due to building, construction, demolition, etc.) than was moved in the entire ice age.

    It also makes me think of something that happened at my cottage. It's located on Georgian Bay, and has a rocky landscape. I remember hearing the sound of dynamite when I was younger - and someone explained to me that there was someone up there blowing up the rocks to make room for a place to park their boat! Even then I found myself pretty shocked that people would travel all that way to be in the beautiful wilderness, and still choose to try to dominate it. I've never understood that!

    Your writing is wonderful. Thanks for sharing your poems!