Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Open Myself Up

Am I ready to share who I am
with the school?
Am I prepared to face whatever embarrassments
it will bring?
Will I be able to handle the strange looks,
the ones showing me I'm different
and not just a face in the sea of students?
Will it help me at all
knowing I'm doing this all for a good cause?

A perfect person would answer
a yes to all of them immediately,
but I'm not flawless.

I'm scared about what others
will think.
I'm frightened to be picked out as someone
to be pitied and not
as someone normal.
Will I be called a freak?
I'm terrified about the fingers pointing
and the voices whispering,
about laughs shared behind my back.
I'm scared.
Plain and simple.

But what am I supposed to say?
"I had cancer,"
and that's it.
I've got to be brave,
and change the world by
overcoming my petty fears
and raising the awareness
childhood cancer

In class, we're doing a "business venture" and I was placed in the Charity Awareness and Education committee (which is actually not much of a group, just me and someone else). As I realized one of the most effective way to get the message around is to go class-to-class, I saw that I would have to share who I am with the school to raise awareness for the thing I truly care about.
I had childhood cancer at the age of one; stage 4 (the highest stage), neuroblastoma, which is a type of nerve cancer. I'm healthy now, but I still have to go for annual check-ups and sometimes have my hearing and heart checked. The chemotherapy I had to go through caused me to partially lose my hair and damaged my body permanently.
Please check the website to the Canadian Cancer Foundation, also known as the Candlelighters Foundation. It would mean so much to me and childhood cancer survivors and sufferers.


  1. Oh, my god...
    You are so brave saying that! That is the sweetest thing I heard! Wow. When you meet someone who actualy had cancer. It sudenly becomes real. I will go to that website, I promise!

    Long live Blogers!

  2. Thank you. You're making a huge difference just by saying that.

  3. LOL u have to say it to 85 ha-ha

  4. You did? That is so sad. The word 'permanently' is
    very strong. I hope you are better.

  5. @ronnie sut up, you're not helping.
    @Miral thanks!!!

  6. sut?
    I hope you aren't that much injured!

  7. @Annie Thanks! Oops, I meant to say shut... oh well