Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Small Memorial about the Slave Trade

Our normal lives turned
upside down;
cruelty now reigns
full of bodies, blood
and disease.
We breath in death overseas,
leather cracking over our backs.
Help us.
Captured to make
cotton and sugar
for rich people who are blind
to how we have to sacrifice
our minds, bodies,
and souls.
We try to escape
this hell of a ship;
freeing our souls 
from our tortured bodies.
Remaining silent,
we must write our story
on our skin and mind.
Don't forget this shameful story.
Don't forget,
we're human too.


  1. Wow--very powerful! I especially liked the line about "writing our story on our skin and mind." What isn't in the history books, may be found somewhere else...