Wednesday, February 16, 2011

They and We

They came.
And conquered.

Capturing our land
and sending us off
to far away places,
where the soil is barren
and basic necessities 
are gone.
They claim the land is theirs,
that they had discovered it.

They pretend we had never existed.

They take our children
and make them renounce their beliefs
and dreams.
They beat them,
hurt them
and emotionally.

They tell us that everything they do is right.
That white skin is perfect
and any other colour
is dirty.

If any of us try to fight back,
we are destroyed,
They commit genocide without
spilling a drop of blood.

They tell us we are wrong.

But we are not the ones
brainwashing children
or stealing things.
We don't kill people who
go against us,
who don't believe in what we believe.
We are not the evil ones.
We are not the cruel ones. 
We are not the ones that
conquer lands
and destroy people and homes.

Look inside and see
who we truly are.

This is pretty much a generalization of what happened in North America, South America and Australia when white people came and took over. 

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