Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pleas of a Hitler Youth

Forgive me.
I didn't want to fight.
I didn't want to kill.
I tried so hard
to run away from this carnage,
only to die now
at the hands of my own comrade.
Blood and bodies
of friends and enemies
haunt my dreams,
faces of a thousand
making me scream.
I'm only a kid,
not an adult.
I'm not a monster
that's heartless.
I'm a human.
I'm one of you
who has seen too much.
Forgive me.

I was reading about Hitler and World War 2 when I came across this shocking fact: children and teens were used as soldiers for the Nazis. As young as they age of 10, they were trained as ruthless killers for Hitler, and were sent out to do gruesome jobs. What inspired this is that if any of the 'Hitler Youths' ran away in battle, they were killed by one of their own comrades for being a coward. Just goes to show us that we haven't come far from brutality and cruelty as we would like to think.

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