Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Steps To The Podium

Walk up the steps 
one at a time 
to the brightly lit 
all eyes and 
smiles focused on us.

Heat racing, 
hand tightening 
around the thick 
pages of the 
take two steps 
and shake hands with 
the M.C. 

Time to put on your 
performer's role 
and channel that 
nervousness into 
enthusiasm and energy, 
and don't forget to 
look out into the crowd 
and smile.

Last night, I was fortunate to join this tribute dinner for those who've dedicated their lives to excellence in public education, which was hosted by the Learning Partnership (a nation-wide program). This was a huge event, with CEO's and presidents of some of the biggest companies in Canada, and about 2000 people there! Me and my classmate Will were invited to talk about our Entrepreneurial Adventure that the Learning Partnership brought to us. It was an amazing experience, but I have to say it was extremely nerve-racking before and during the speech we did. But wow, that was one memorable night!

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