Sunday, May 29, 2011

Art of the Circus

People soar 
and twist through 
the air, 
creating streaks 
of colour as they 
cut through the 
light like 
a paint stroke on 
the canvas.

They twist and 
stretch themselves 
into a form 
of architecture; 
balance and 
movement all create 
not even the most 
wonderful sculptures 
and buildings could 

The beauty of the 
circus is something  
as each show is 
never quite the same 
as the next;
the art of the circus
is something you'll
never quite forget.

I saw my cousin's circus performance last night, and it was awesome! Her circus school does a performance every year. Going to a circus show, whether it's done by Cirque Du Soleil or your local school, is a unique experience. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get any pictures (by the time I'd realized I had my camera in my bag, the show was over) but I don't think photos would be able to capture the art of the circus.

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