Thursday, May 26, 2011


Society has 
such a big 
influence on us 
as it 
pushes its ideals 
on the people, 
setting the rules 
of being 
in stone, 
but when we 
teach our children 
and family 
that those rules 
don't exist, 
we're taking 
one more step forward 
into a better future.

We had an interesting class discussion today about Storm, the child being raised genderless. Instead of the parents saying whether Storm is a boy or a girl, they're letting Storm decide for him/herself. This way, Storm is not constricted to what others feel is appropriate for that gender, but to do whatever (s)he wants. Thus, the parents are breaking down the rules society put on us unknowingly: that boys should wear blue and play with cars and dinosaur while girls should wear pink and play with Barbies and dolls. My class was pretty divided about their feelings of how the parents are raising Storm. What do you think? Check out the link for the article about Storm:

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