Sunday, May 1, 2011


We try to reach
far beyond what
we already understood
was impossible,
trying to learn
the answer to the
question that was
always there.

We try to build
a tower of Babel
to see
if we could
lift ourselves from
the dirt and
look into
the answer of all
things in the eye.

But perhaps we
don't need to take
such measures
to see what
the truth
and maybe all we
need to do is
wonder about the world
and never take for
granted what we see
to see the answer

Sorry I haven't been posting lately! I've been pretty busy. Anyways, I read this awesome book called "Sophie's World" and it's pretty much a philosophy book mixed with a novel. You learn about the greatest philosophers that ever lived ranging from ancient Greece to modern day times. Near the beginning, the author compares the world as a giant rabbit being pulled from a magician's hat, and while many of us are comfortable nestled in the rabbit's fur, others try to climb to the tip of the rabbit's hairs and try to look at the magician in the eye. Those trying to look for the magician are philosophers; those who look beyond what others think is tiring and normal and to try to solve the mystery of the world. This really struck me as fascinating and true, and it's a great read. Really, it'll challenge the way you think.

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