Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Blood and Irony

Predator becomes 
prey as water turns 
red with blood 
and irony, 
sharks writhing and 
drowning in the realm 
they should've lived 
longer in.  

Living fossils from millions of 
years ago are 
rendered powerless 
and fin less within 
a few years, 
on the verge 
of their extinction.

"Cruel killing machines" are 
being destroyed by 
the cruelest creatures  
of all: 

I was looking through my posts when I realized I haven't posted on this subject yet! I'm on this awesome art forum called "Deviantart" where people can post up art of all kinds and comment on others. One of my favourite artists put up this beautiful (but slightly gory) piece of art she did. The title and poem is inspired by her artwork. Check it out and read the description. You'll be shocked:

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