Monday, June 13, 2011

Perception of Time

In the 
feels like an eternity 
of waiting, 
of watching, 
of living. 

Yet when we 
think about the 
days and 
weeks and months 
that have past 
in almost a 
time seems like a 
as if two days were the 
same as two years, 
as if things have started 
and ended so soon. 

But it is not time that 
has changed 
every moment, 
as it trundles on 
second by second, 
day by day, 
but our perception of 

It's amazing how fast 2 years can feel. I don't feel 2 years older, or that it's 2011, or that I'm going to high school next year (eep!). The school year is almost over, and I'm graduating from my amazing school at the end of the month. Everything is creeping nearer, and w don't quite appreciate it until we get there. As Miral said, "Our school years is coming close to an end. Our memories will stay with us. We had a great time and everything is coming closer." 

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  1. Yay, I'm famous, just kidding, :)
    It's true about how we've never thought that 2 (TWO!!!) years have gone, like yesterday was November 2009 (well 2010 for me :) ) And right now we are like, ugh just end school, then when we're in high school, I wish I was in middle school again. I'm positive I might say that ;). It's only a week away, bye middle school :'(. But life (unfortunately) must go on.