Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Day 27: Dialogue

The voice comes 
slicked with the 
blue-green sheen of 
You never 
did mean much 
to anyone, 
they might have smiles 
around you
but they're just 
painted on. 
I know it's not true, 
don't lead me to think otherwise;
You're just a fraud with 
half a heart on 
her sleeve, 
if they saw the black feathers 
underneath the 
white plumage 
they would leave you 
like she did. 
They wouldn't, 
they're not like her; 
And yet you haven't changed: 
still a burden, 
still useless, 
still so pathetic. 
Please just 
leave me alone; 
But how can I 
if I'm just a part 
of you? 

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