Monday, August 11, 2014

Day 11: Based Off One of My Favourite Lyrics

(This was really challenging, considering I don't really have much of favourite lyrics, or a favourite song even, but I chose a piece that has always kind of stuck with me.)

For reasons unknown 
I had thought of him
thought of our years together 
and the eventual unraveling 
of us.

And I had realized
where I used to 
see ghosts,
there are only 
faint feelings of nolstalgia, 
and all of the sadness 
that once held onto me 
to the bitter end
has faded into 
the distance, 
now only
gentle fleeting memories and 
fading photographs 
of a time
where he and I 
had made every single moment count. 

the time on 
the clocks we had shared 
is moving on, 
and I have been carried 
along with it 
to a different precious moments 
with someone else. 

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