Sunday, August 3, 2014

Day 3: Based Off Of My Favourite Fairytale

(The Robber Bridegroom isn't exactly my favourite fairytale, but I do enjoy it a lot, as I do all Grimm fairytales.)

An exchange is made 
between two men, 
a distrustful bride as
 the bridegroom all charm 
and invitations.

She turns down the path 
to his house 
in the middle of the 
dark forest, 
following the ash 
and trailing behind 
the fruits of her 

Turn back, turn back
cries the bird, 
screeching of 
murderers and 
A creaky old woman 
in the cellar
as old as the house 
whispers secrets and 
plans of escape 
as the bird 
cries out its warning 
a final time.

She watches: 
one other maiden 
three glasses of wine 
one death 
one feast 
one golden ring attached to a finger. 

She escapes 
full of secrets and 
a plan. 

A wedding banquet 
lavishly furnished with 
the bridegroom's lies, 
she spins tales of 
a dream 
that is the truth, 
with the golden ring and finger 
as the funeral bells
for the robber bridegroom.

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