Friday, August 22, 2014

Day 22: Perspective of My Favourite Fictional Character

(I have way too many favourite characters, so I just chose one that I had actually been talking to someone about earlier today)

It started off 
as a game, 
where did we go wrong? 
It was all fun and now 
I'm sitting in 
the middle of nowhere, 
mother's scarf wrapped 
around my neck, 
drawn to the allure 
of the bottle 
full of 
with the lip painted
the same shade of 
lipstick as hers. 
We tried to grow up 
so fast,
so young. 
Darkness is 
now an old friend, 
and has taken to whispering 
to me, 
grinning as it 
pushes me towards 
the edge of sanity. 

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